Case Study: Advertising Campaign for Retail Convenience Stores

outdoor_cogo1"Looking as good as the competition is important for us. I think Ideahaus did a good job of getting us in the game." - VP of Marketing

Situation: We worked with the President and the VP of Marketing of a Convenience Store Chain operating 65 stores throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Critical Business Issue: Most of the stores in the chain were having difficulty meeting sales goals on a consistent basis. Many stores had missed projections impacting profits of the entire company. Reasons: The stores were perceived as a "local" chain and not on par with national competitors. Customers surveyed perceived no differential advantage over other convenience stores. Surveys also reported their customers' perception of them as a Gas/Bread/Milk resource, although their product offering was far more expansive. Maintaining this wide product offering was a substantial investment and impacted annual profitability for the chain. Vision: What they told us they needed was a way to change their store's image, to be perceived at the same level as national competitors. They also wanted to educate and promote their expansive product offering to increase sales of non-Gas/Bread/Milk products. Capabilities Provided: Ideahaus® provided them with these capabilities by developing an advertising message to promote their wide selection of products. We also developed a integrated campaign, including television, radio and outdoor advertising promoting a "new and improved" image to challenge their biggest competitor Results: As a result, more than 50% of the stores in the chain reported an immediate impact, and were able to meet sales goals the first year. A system-wide increase in non-Gas/Bread/Milk sales impacted profits of the entire company.

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