Case Study: Branding a Volunteer Program for Global Metals Manufacturer

collateral_bravo2Situation: We worked with the Foundation of a Global Metals Manufacturer specializing in the Aluminum. The Director lead a team of four in the formation of an employee volunteerism program that would contribute towadrs the communities in which they operate, as well as contribute towards an ongoing public relations program. Critical Business Issue: Like any volunteer program, moving people to work without getting paid after there day jobs on an regular basis is difficult. Reasons: The program was a new concept for the company, and a personal effort by the President. Other volunteer programs had been presented in the past with varying success. The lack of presence and history also made it difficult to attract new talent, limiting their offerings to the same people who always volunteer. Vision: What they told us they needed was a corporate identity to promote "people bending over backwards to help people in their community". They also needed a message that would translate into 18 different languages. Capabilities Provided: Ideahaus® gave the company these capabilities by developing a single word message that would translate into every language with the same intent. A logo using "people" helped demonstrate that it was in fact about people. The poster layout set the logo in a bed on inactive people to help present what volunteers look like compared to non-volunteers. The messaging was reduced to accommodate character requirements for each language translation. Poster art was delivered via email and intranet as PDF files to eliminate mailing bulk materials globally and to defer production to each location. Results: As a result, the Client has realized statistically exceptional adoption compared to other programs, exceeding the goals set by the President. In addition, they have realized an inner office competition for volunteering throughout the company.
“I hired Ideahaus to develop an identity program including logos for two employee volunteer programs and posters in 11 languages for the Worldwide Week of Service at Alcoa. It was a difficult project as it had to resonate with many diverse stakeholders and convey abstract concepts including people, community service and motion. Kevin and his team delivered results with a limited budget and produced a suite of materials to be used by communicators around the world that are still being used today. Kevin is a pleasure to work with and provides prompt, thoughtful and comprehensive ideas and tools for successful communication to internal and external company audiences.” April 19, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Karen Picard hired Ideahaus in 2002.

Studio Notes: The word "Bravo" is actually a global word. Italian in origin, it made its way as a multi-cultural salutation. Testing amongst the global offices confirmed its acceptance and applicability. The translations were easy, but a common layout was a challenge. The total character count varied so greatly from Hungarian to Japanese that we had to be flexible (see examples above).

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