Great Acoustics, Lousy Seats

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"For a good time call Carmina Burina"


This full-page ad for the local symphony - aimed, of course, at a youth audience - was preceded by a 1/4 page teaser of just the "for a good time" graffito. "They brought us in for our pretty extreme ideas," Kevin Popovic begins, then backs up to recite his original quote on the wall, a "Man from Nantucket'-ish limerick. "The client proved skittish about that. They told us to lift something from the music's text - food, drink and lust-," he gives a nod of approval to the song cycle's pagan themes, "This [Give me color...'] was tame compared to some parts. Then, we shot it in the symphony hall bathroom. The duotone has that 'red light district' look." Popovic adds that the orchestra had been adamant about doing their ads in-house. They still made a big effort to keep this away from their older subscriber base. - Art Direction Magazine Studio Notes: The shoot for this ad was done in the men's room of the administrative offices at Heinz Hall. The bathroom was scheduled for an overhaul so the client allowed us to draw the graffiti on the wall. The crack in the plaster (nice touch) was already there. The quarter page teaser ad ran the week before in local papers. Since its sole reference was a name and a number callers left messages for Carmina, apparently not realizing that the message had identified the number as that of The Pittsburgh Symphony box office. Our clients reported some interesting messages, offers, and intelligible noises. – kp

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