Lollapalooza: Just for Fun.

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lollapaloozaBack in the day I used to frequent the mosh pits of Lollapalooza, X-Fest and the countless bands who could facilitate a little frenzy at the base of the stage.

In my later years I realized that the crowd doesn't like to catch the old kid, especially on his sixth dive (that's another story ;-). In the midst of my adventures I would crack out a little disposable camera to catch the perspective from the inside - eye of the hurricane, if you will. And if I got busted for taking pics by security it wasn't too much of a financial loss. The images I caught we at times amazing. The introspection, the collision, the swift justice of a mob on a bully jock gone wrong, the systematic violation of a girl on her third ride through the gauntlet... Emotion. Sweat. Insight. That moment. An embedded reporter showing everyone else what I saw. And it was just for fun. Just a reminder while I'm flashing back to remember what got you excited about our business in the first place. The ideas? Getting your hands dirty? Making stuff look like nothing anyone had seen before? Remember? If you read this and get inspired to play again I'd love to see what you've done. – kp

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