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As a member of the Ideahaus Group, you have the ability to begin interacting with other group members immediately by posting to one of the group’s forums.


The group’s ‘Discussions’ forum objectives are to promote engagement, interaction, and idea generation among communications executives.

The ‘News’ tab is to be used to share pertinent marketing-related articles, blogs, web pages, etc with your fellow group members.

We welcome members that are seeking jobs to post their availability to the ‘Jobs’ forum. However to maintain the integrity of the group objectives and quality of posts, members are prohibited from posting job openings. (LinkedIn offers a job posting service so you may want to look into this option).

Below are some of the basic rules and tips to help you take full advantage of the forums.

These basic guidelines are intended to ensure that members (you) get the full value and satisfaction you expect from Ideahaus.

1) Advertising & Promotion
In consideration of all Ideahaus Group members, we ask that you refrain from posting discussions in order to advertise (there’s a difference ;-) or for any promotional purposes. This includes, but is not limited to:
– An organization or its services,
– Your open network status,
– An upcoming event (virtual or otherwise),
– To recruit members for any purpose, or
– Any job openings

If you want to find out how to promote your company please contact me directly for details and I will review the options available to meet your objectives.

If you are from an association that focuses on delivering services to Communications Executives and wish to invite the Ideahaus Group members to your upcoming event(s), please contact me directly to discuss partnership opportunities.

2) Blogs and Marketing-Related Articles
If you have read or written a blog or article that you think / feel will add value to the group or could potentially benefit fellow group members, and it originates from a credible or well-known source, please feel free to post it under the ‘News’ tab. We ask that you do not post content of this type to the ‘Discussions’ tab.

3) Marketing-Related Content & Redirecting Members to 3rd Party Websites
Please make sure your posts are communications-related, including branding, marketing, advertising, design, multimedia, internet, events, and public relations. If you are a communications executive and you are looking for assistance with a specific challenge, you can use the forum to solicit help from other members. You can also use the forum to drive idea generation and collaborate with other members on communications topics of mutual interest. We ask that members do not post URLs to the ‘Discussions’ forum in order to redirect members to outside or 3rd party sites. If you have a blog or article you would like to share with the group, we ask you to please post it under the ‘News’ tab, (as mentioned above).

4) Polls & Surveys
Please do not conduct polls or surveys, or redirect members to an external survey or poll tool. Please feel free to post questions which can stimulate discussion and can definitively be answered by other group members.

5) Job Availability and Openings
If you are an individual in search of a new job, you are welcome to share your current status with the group, as well as your interests, experience, aspirations, and LinkedIn profile, but we ask that you use the ‘Jobs’ tab to do so.

Guidelines for the ‘Jobs’ forum are as follows:

– You are welcome to use the ‘Jobs’ forum (located beside the ‘Discussions’ tab) but you must re-post every 14 days, this is the expiry time set by LinkedIn
– Please do not use the main ‘Discussions’ tab for job related posts as they will be removed.
– HR & Recruiters, please contact the candidates directly using the “reply privately” feature. Please note, any posts promoting a job opening will be removed, as per the group guidelines.

Go to:, and click on the ‘Discussions’ tab to begin interacting now.

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