The biggest challenge in Social Media?

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The marketing flavor of the day is so misunderstood.  It’s not an end in and of itself, but a means to a larger integrated world.  Everyone has to be there, even if they don’t know where “there” is – or even what it is.  But we’ll help you make sense of it and show you how it fits in the scheme of things, no matter how goofy “tweeting” sounds.



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Kevin Popović is a communications expert, featured speaker, and author of '20YEARS Communications: 20 Leaders, 20 Questions, 100's of Lessons.' After more than 30 years of professional experience, he helps business leaders make smart decisions about communications. In 2010, "KP" was ranked #43 in Fast Company's The Influence Project measuring the "most influential people online." In 2014 he was ranked as one of the "Top 40 Digital Strategists in Marketing" by the Online Marketing Institute.

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  1. Who has the time to “read” it all?

  2. Todd Liss says:

    The biggest challenge like Diana said is keeping on top of the changes. Technology changes, user preferences change, companies goals change and the biggest challenge is to keep on top of all of them at the same time. This is also one of the reasons why I enjoy working in social media so much. This constant evolution makes the space very interesting to work in and even more rewarding to do well in.

    I also think that with clearly defined goals and processes, keeping on top of the space is both easier and more beneficial for us as marketers and our clients.

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