Social Media and The Return of the Customer Relationship: The Fireside Chat

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Remember when sales were built on personal relationships with customers? I do.

Then something started to change. There was no customer relationship - only numbered accounts, computers merging data with form fields and bulk postage filling the sales funnel to move the inventory purchased by remote buyers. Well, things are changing for sales professionals - again. Social media is providing the ability to create a new customer relationship.[private_Social]
Sit Down Here by the Campfire: Listen to Kevin Popović tell the story (no, he is not playing the guitar ;-)
Through these posts I will offer to help businesses – your business – take the first steps into social media (it’s really not as hard as you think to start but its much MUCH More than just filling out a profile). And, if you read these posts regularly, I’ll hold you’re hand along the way. This series will accept your incoming questions about what we’re doing, what we’re not doing, and what you as a business professional need to be successful. I will personally make sure we get you the answers you each need: I’m optimistic for the New Year. Wishing you are, too. - kp [/private_Social]

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