Are You Emailing Too Much?

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Are your email subscribers hitting that dreaded button? Photo courtesy of Eddie Dangerous/Flickr Creative Commons.

The dreaded unsubscribe. 

Email marketing is a mainstay of many digital marketing plans, but that doesn't mean it's easy. As all email marketers know getting customers to subscribe, open, and then interact with an email is a serious challenge. However, those customers that do use email marketing campaigns are undoubtedly valuable. So, let's say you have a shrinking list of subscribers. What's going on? According to a survey conducted by BlueHornet, an email marketing firm, you might be sending too many emails. Over 35 percent of respondents cited the frequency of an email program as the foremost reason they hit the unsubscribe button. This is almost a 5 percent increase from the same survey in 2012 when frequency was the second reason, led by email relevance. Other interesting findings detailed at MarketingCharts indicate that over 83 percent of subscribers are looking for discounts when they sign up followed by 7 percent just because they like the brand.
Email Unsubscribe Reasons

Chart courtesy of MarketingCharts.

What does that mean for marketers?

Let your content lead your campaign. Don't push emails to your customers unless the content is worth sending, opening, and enjoying. What is your secret to getting your emails opened? Do you have any issues with a shrinking email list?

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