Survey: How Do Women Use Social Media?

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The latest research from the Pew Research Center shows a large gap, almost a 10 percent difference, between men and women when it comes to social media usage. Does that mean the two groups are using the tool in a different manner, as well? That's the question communications firm Weber Shandwick, partnered with KRC research, aimed to find out in their latest study. The findings of the study, which included more than 2,000 North American women, indicate online women are particularly influential and might deserve more unique attention from marketers.

So, what did the study find?

First of all, 86 percent of the sample group that was interviewed had more than two social media accounts or profiles. Facebook was clearly the most popular network. Another important takeaway from the survey is the amount of time spent on social media per week. Those interviewed spent a weekly average of 12 hours on social media, which is the second highest of any type of media discussed in the survey. Traditional television consumed 33.7 hours of the average woman's week. Many women also reported feeling empowered when using social media. About 62 percent enjoyed the ability to control who they talk to and when they talk to them through social media and 24 percent even claimed they would rather socialize through social media than in person. Have you thought about how men and women might use social media differently before? Tell us in the comments below.


Women of Social Media Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Weber Shandwick.

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