Infographic: LinkedIn Revolutionizing the World of Recruiting

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LogoIf you've been around the Ideahaus Community long you might have noticed some here take our LinkedIn presence seriously. And, while the professional networking solution is often overlooked among its larger peers, there is good reason to keep your profile active and up-to-date. According to an infographic released by the Masters In Human Resources blog, job recruiters are turning to the network more frequently, in lieu of traditional methods. Currently, about 10 percent of jobs are filled with social networking of some kind and 97 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn in their social recruiting strategy. In other words, if you're job hunting and your LinkedIn profile isn't in tip-top shape, someone is taking notice. That's bad news for the 49.5 percent of individuals who do not have a complete profile. That means there are over 100 million users making a bad first impression and also bugging Ideahaus CEO and Founder, Kevin Popović. But, for those who have spent the time maintaining their digital persona, your extra effort may pay off in a big way. According to the infographic, we are only seeing the beginning of LinkedIn's impact on the professional community and, more importantly, the entire hiring process.
"With a greater ROI than just about any other source than internal hiring programs, LinkedIn has the potential to completely revolutionize how companies fill their vacancies. The tides of change are already swelling - look for a tidal wave in the coming years."
Do you feel like LinkedIn is just another social network you have to have or is it an important part of your professional strategy?
LinkedIn Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Masters in Human Resources.


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