The Right Color Can Make Or Break A Brand

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How did you decide upon a primary color or color combination for your brand? Was there heated deliberation and countless meetings among business partners, or did you just pick your favorite color because it "felt right?" Regardless of how your brand chose the colors that define it, they are saying more than most people think. According to research from Marketo, your brand colors can be used as a strategic tool to represent the character of your organization in a specific light. For example, Marketo initially chose the color purple for their branding because "at the time Marketo was founded, purple was relatively un-used," but it tells their customer much more than they originally intended. Purple also stands for wealth, sophistication, and royalty. Not a bad match for a company that works to help others find better ways to sell products and ideas. About 33 percent of the top 100 brands use blue, which represents dependability, and red is used as an aggressive, energetic symbol by about 29 percent of those companies.
Where did the Ideahaus logo and color come from? Check out the inspiration behind the light bulb.
Brand Colors

Image courtesy of Marketo.

So, how does your brand color fit your brand persona? Do you have a good match?

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