Report: Online Advertising More Effective Than Traditional TV

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Online Video Ads

Is online video replacing traditional TV ads? Photo courtesy of Al Ibrahim/Flickr Creative Commons.

Ad buyers take notice. Advertising with online video might be edging out traditional television, according to a recent survey. The survey, conducted by the online video ad company Brightroll, found advertising agency executives predominately in the online video camp compared to several opposing marketing strategies.
Online Video Ads

Image courtesy of eMarketer.

About 75 percent claimed that online video ads were equally or more effective than TV ads. Meanwhile, 25 percent of the executives believe that TV ads will have the lowest growth of any advertising spending segment in 2013 opposed to 25 percent that predict online video will have the highest growth. Also, keep an eye out for mobile video spending to grow rapidly as 23 percent of executives believe it will grow the most in 2013. If the respondents are an accurate indicator of future trends, all signs point to a serious boom in online video. Just over 90 percent of executives believed that video ads were at least as effective as online display ads and 68 percent believed they were as effective as social media. The only strategy that less than half of executives believed was at least equally beneficial was direct marketing at 45 percent. As eMarketer "estimates that [online] video ad spending in the US will grow 41.4 percent this year, to reach $4.1 billion," it looks as if ad buyers are also backing up their claims with their budgets.
Does online video advertising account for a large portion of your budget or are you sticking to more traditional methods?

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