How To Boost The Number Of Email Subscribers For Your Brand

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Email marketing is a powerful tool in the quiver of a professional communicator, but what if the size of your subscriber list keeps your arrows falling short of their targets? You might want to think about a contest. "Sure," you're thinking, "everyone does contests." But, according to new research by Incentivibe, the numbers back up the simple act of giving out some swag. For example, the research found that running a contest worth $500 "generated 700 percent more email subscribers than landing pages alone." That is some serious growth. And you don't have to give away cash and products to see a serious return. Offering a business service generated 6 times the number of subscribers and knowledge products generated 7 times the number. Users are most likely to click the "subscribe" button on Sundays and, it seems, most are night owls. 11 PM was the most popular time for conversion. Your email list is not the only thing that will get a boost, either. There is an average of 5 times the normal activity on Facebook and 4 times on Twitter during contests. Of course, communicators cannot depend exclusively on contests to boost subscribers. Quality content, authentic messaging, and a clear voice must lead your email strategy, but there is something to be said for giving away free things.
Email Contest Infographic

Image courtesy of Incentivibe.

Have you ever run an email contest with your brand? How did it turn out?

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