5 Rules For Optimizing Mobile Marketing Emails

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We consume at home and on the go in today's world. Your emails should be designed for both. Image courtesy of Garry Knight/Flickr Creative Commons.

It seems as if the world is going mobile, but, for marketers, that means learning new rules and best practices to make your audience happy. But, don't worry, the rules aren't as difficult as they are intuitive. Ideahaus has compiled some of the best advice from across the web to make the design transition easier. Follow these five rules and you are well on your way to designing emails that will communicate big messages on all of those small screens. 1) Get to the point. Your subject line is the first and possibly the last thing your audience will see if it is not properly optimized. On mobile devices, you are dealing with limited space and limited attention spans, so don't waste any time telling your viewers what they should expect when they open the message. Get Response recommends keeping subjects under 60 characters, but there are others who take a harder line at 15 characters. 2) Give them some elbow room. Okay, so maybe finger room would be more apt, but you get the point. Mobile devices are smaller by nature and that means a cluttered design will hurt your user's experience and, as a result, your conversion rates. Start by simply giving clickable elements room to breathe. 44 x 44 pixels is a good place to start. 3) Get skinny. Don't design your messages for a wide desktop experience. Keep the width around 600 pixels or below to keep your type legible and give your audience a vertical scrolling experience. Also, consider how images will display on the smaller screen. Make sure they display well on a smaller screen and don't require much zooming to fully digest. 4) Think about user experience. Don't just think about the experience your email will give your audience, but also consider the experience they are already having. For mobile, that includes busy commutes, a stolen moment at a dinner party, juggling between a mobile device and the television, and an unlimited number of other possibilities. Create clear offers and calls-to-action, because there isn't time to send cryptic messages in today's noisy world. 5) Don't be afraid to test. There is no boilerplate in mobile design and that means you have to be ready to work with whatever device your customers happen to be using. Always test your messages on a variety of devices to be sure it displays the way you think it does. If you already run an email marketing campaign, check your analytics to see what your audience is already using and make those devices your priority.
Have you had trouble opening emails on your mobile device? What is the biggest mistake you commonly see?

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