Research: Email Is The Preferred Method Of Communication For Purchases

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While professional communicators are often abuzz about the newest methods of communication, it is still important to remember not to neglect more traditional tactics. After all, if your audience isn't willing to listen it's quite hard to reach them. That sentiment is backed by a recent survey of consumers and executives that found that traditional communication channels still hold their own in the business world. The survey was sponsored by Lyris and conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit. When asked what method of communication was preferred the most for an initial introduction to a product, a final pre-purchase assessment, and a post-purchase follow-up, email came in first in two of the categories. Other popular methods of communication in the top three spots included personal referrals, referrals by websites, and printed catalogues. In all three categories, company social media/blogs and third-party social media/blogs ranked sixth and seventh respectively. Contacting consumers by mobile devices and telephones were the least popular methods.   This study is a good reminder that, while marketing communications are shifting toward newer forms of communication, simple methods such as email and catalogues are still vital to the consumer's experience. The survey results also included questions about the most important marketing skills needed today. Ranking first was the ability to predict trends from "big data" and second was the ability to find insights about consumer behavior. Understanding email delivery best practices ranked third.
How do you prioritize new trends of communication against old forms? How does email fit into your strategy?

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