SEO Still Vital, Users Rarely Look Beyond First Page Of Results

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How do you prioritize search engine optimization for your brand? Well, according to new research by Chitika, if your website doesn't rank highly, you will pay for it. Chitika reviewed the "tens of millions" of actions of Google search users and found that the further websites were from the top page and position, the worse they preformed. While that may not sound like news in itself, the degree of separation between high and low ranking sites is extreme. To start, the highest ranking position on the first page of search results averaged 33 percent of all clicks. That means about one-third of all users typically select the first website leaving only two-thirds of users spread across the entire remainder of results. About 18 percent of clicks go to the second position and the rest of the clicks are distributed in a manner similar to the long-tail theory. Just the first two results account for over half of all search traffic. It's not looking good for everyone else.
Google Results Position

Image courtesy of Chikita.

But, being in the first positions still may not be as important as being on the first page of results. The first page receives 92 percent of all traffic leaving less than one-tenth of users for all subsequent pages. The second page of result only received about 5 percent of all traffic.
Google Page Position

Image courtesy of Chikita.

SEO an extremely important aspect of your online strategy which your brand cannot afford to sweep under the rug. Think of it as the equivalent of choosing a location for your brick and mortar store, but this time your storefront is a Google result.
Do you know where you rank in search results related to your business? What do you do to stay high on the page?

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