Instagram Video: What You Need To Know

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Facebook-owned Instagram revealed its newest feature last week to mixed reactions. While some believed the addition of video to the popular photo sharing service was the next logical step for the company, others saw the announcement as just an imitation of Twitter's Vine. Either way, video for Instagram is here and you need to know the facts.  Instagram surpassed by Vine on Twitter. Whether or not you believe Instagram just unveiled a 15-second version of Vine, the numbers don't lie. Earlier this month, Vine was released to Android users and surpassed Instagram in number of shares on Twitter. While that doesn't mean Instagram reacted directly to the news with its video feature, it does have people speculating. Moments now last up to 15 seconds. Users can record up to 15-seconds of video on the new Instagram update compared to Vine's 6-second limit. Some believe that the additional 9-seconds will attract advertisers re-hashing traditional ads with the additional recording capacity. No loops for Instagram. As users scroll through their timelines, videos will play once and only once. This is contrary to the GIF-inspired looping feature used by Vine. Get rid of shaky video. The Instagram update also includes a video-stabilization feature called "Cinema" which reduces the typical cell phone shake seen in many mobile videos. There have been lots of great reviews, including comparisons to Steadicam footage.
Do you have a favorite video sharing app? Are you on the 6- or 15-second team?

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