Facebook Ads Disappearing On Controversial Pages And Groups

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Facebook is making changes to their advertising policies. WIll it effect you? Image courtesy of West McGowan/Flickr Creative Commons.

Facebook LogoFacebook announced changes today to where ads can and cannot appear on the popular social network. The announcement was made in the Facebook Newsroom and explains that, starting early next week, ads will no longer appear "next to Pages and Groups that contain any violent, graphic or sexual content." Facebook specifically refers to content that may be considered offensive, but still meets their community standards as allowable material. Techcrunch and the BBC report that the move by Facebook may have been prompted by an incident involving Marks and Spencer and BSkyB that resulted in the companies suspending all Facebook advertising. Their ads were placed on a Page featuring photos of teenage boys under the title "cute and gay boys." Facebook did not mention any specific incident in their announcement. However, Facebook did explain that they understood marketers were concerned about where their ads might be placed and are taking actions to mitigate their anxieties. "While we already have rigorous review and removal policies for content against our terms, we recognize we need to do more to prevent situations where ads are displayed alongside controversial Pages and Groups," explained the announcement. "So we are taking action." Facebook will begin removing ads on controversial Pages and Groups manually, which also suggests the company may not have been ready to implement such policies so quickly. According to the announcement, the removal of ads from controversial Pages and Groups will remain a manual process until an automated process is built and implemented. Have you ever been unhappy with the location of one of your Facebook ads? Tell us in the comments.

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