The About Us Page: Setting The Tone For Your Business

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Last week, we looked at the reasons why small business and storytelling go together like salt and pepper. There won’t be a quiz, but a bit of review never hurt.
Now that you are ready to take advantage of the power of storytelling in small business marketing, where do you go from here? Pull QuoteLet’s start with one of the most obvious and one of the most challenging areas of your website — the dreaded About Us page. It can be daunting to sit down in front of a blank page and blinking cursor with nothing to write about but yourself, but don’t be tempted to take the easy way out. Degrees and accolades are important, but that’s not how you would introduce yourself to a customer in your store. Why would you do it online?

The Power Of About Us 

Imagine you are a first time visitor to your business’ website. You have just investigated products and pricing at a few competitor’s sites and are undecided about who to order from. With all other things equal, your primary competitor’s About Us page has a long list of awards and degrees attained by the CEO while your site introduces each employee individually demonstrating the passion they have for their work. Which company are you more likely to relate to and purchase from?

A Perfect Example 

Shawn Graham, Pittsburgh-based small business marketing strategist and author of Blogging For Badass Small Businesses, found the perfect About Us example — Tonx Coffee. Tonx is a small mail-delivery company located in Los Angeles trying to compete in a crowded coffee market. So how do they differentiate themselves? You guessed it.
Tonx Coffee About Us

Do you customers get to know you from your About Us page? Image courtesy of Tonx Coffee.

“One of the things that really attracted to me to them — with their attention to detail to their content and the importance of the story — was their About Us page,” said Graham. But that attention to detail wasn’t extremely complicated. It was a simple solution that led to the opportunity to create an authentic connection between customer and company. Shawn Graham“Tonx did a lot with a little,” explained Graham. “They had a paragraph about each employee and, because they create gourmet coffee, all of the bios from their employees had some connection to coffee.” Believe it or not, something as simple as explaining why your employees enjoy working is a great example of storytelling. “Showing that personality and passion and creating a conversation and dialogue around what you’re doing that is going to pull prospective customer in,” said Graham. Storytelling doesn’t seem quite so daunting now, does it?
Shawn thought four things set Tonx’s About Us page apart from their competitors. Find out more on his blog.

Getting Started

Now it’s your turn. Writing a dynamic, story-rich About Us page is a challenge, especially if you try to force it. Graham’s advice is to relax and let your writing flow naturally, as your conversation would in a brick and mortar store. “Just think about having a conversation, much like you would in a face-to-face conversation with a customer the first time they come into the store,” said Graham. "You can use that same voice and conversational tone you would use to tell the story online.” Need another example of an About Us story? Take a look at Shawn’s very own About Us page where he remembers his professional route that led to being a leader in the small business marketing field.
Does your About Us page reflect your business’ voice? Does it accurately relay your attitude and passion? 

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