The Conversation Prism: Mapping The Online Landscape

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The Conversation Prism

Click to view large image. Image courtesy of Brian Solis and JESS3.

As a professional communicator, you already understand that online conversation and interaction is much more than just Facebook or Twitter. But, how do you effectively visualize it and explain it to others?

For Brian Solis and JESS3, the answer was to create a map, of sorts, starting with the most important factor of your online presence.


Solis explains that an effective online presence doesn’t mean being present everywhere. Brands should be true to who they are and that starts with knowing how to best represent yourself.

From there, Solis explains how his guide works its way outward to individual online media platforms.

Conversation Prism Center Hub

The center hub of the Conversation Prism.

The second halo represents the “pillars for meaningful engagement,” which consist of vision, purpose, value, commitment, and transparency.

After the pillars come the parties that are affected by the engagement. Solis explains that a successful social presence moves businesses beyond a “command and control mentality to that of engagement and openness.” Those mentioned are sales, marketing, development, service, community, brand, HR, and communications.

Solis’ cycle of improvement for businesses represents the last halo before the social platforms ever come into play. According to the guide, businesses should always be listening, learning, and adapting in a never-ending cycle.

With that, the map concludes in an impressive collection of tools grouped by category. These social platforms are the means by which we, as professional communicators, can reach and refine our communications strategies, always revolving around the vital center hub — you.

What’s missing from the Conversation Prism? Let us know in the comments.

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