Infographic: Ideas For Small Business Link Building

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Relationships are the foundation on which small businesses can build their reputation, but how do you illustrate and leverage those connections online? One way to show that your small business is well networked and respected is by earning links on web properties other than your own. Doing so demonstrates the willingness of others to publicly endorse and support your cause, not to mention the SEO and marketing benefits. However, sometimes earning those links is not as easy as it sounds. Networking is a give and take process and requires plenty of deliberate attention. Confused about where to go from here? The folks at Vertical Measures, an Internet marketing firm, gathered some of their best link-building strategies to get you on the right track. On a side-note, these infographics are a perfect example of providing a resource for the communication industry and, as a result, earning a link. Small Business Linking 1 Small Business Linking 2 Small Business Linking 3
What are your best strategies for expanding your small business' online presence?

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