Research: Tablet Owners Willing To Spend More Than Smartphone Owners

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If your brand is looking to take advantage of mobile e-commerce, you will want to pay attention to what platform you will be using to sell your products. According to a recent study conducted by JiWire, tablet users are willing to spend considerably more on expensive purchases than smartphone users. While smartphone users are still willing to make purchases on their device, the willingness drops considerably when products surpass the $250 mark. Only 32 percent of smartphone users say they would make a purchase priced over $250 compared to an even half of smartphone users. In addition, 17 percent of tablet users would be willing to make purchases over $1,000 compared to 9 percent of smartphone users.
Mobile Spending Habits Based On Device

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This research suggests that, while mobile users are generally comfortable making purchases using their respective devices, the high dollar purchases lean heavily toward tablet users. Marketers should use this information to make targeted decisions about how and where to find the right customer for their product as the connected world becomes increasingly mobile-oriented.
Does this information change your mobile strategy or did you already assume tablet owners were more willing to spend?

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