How Does Your Online Brand Stack Up Against These Innovators?

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As professional communicators and marketers, influence is key to success. But, what makes an influencer and, more importantly, who are the influencers of today? Through an exhaustive process involving consumers, industry leaders, polls, entrepreneurs, and experts, Forbes compiled their list of the most innovative consumer and retail brands called the CircleUp25. These companies are leading the way online and offline by changing their respective industries for the better. Here are two of our favorite companies on the list, but check out all of the brands in this slideshow.

Warby Parker

Warby ParkerWarby Parker is an online designer eyewear company. That means there must be some brave people out there to order glasses without trying them on, right? Wrong. Warby Parker changed the online eyewear industry by sending customers a variety of pairs to choose from before committing to their favorite. Combine the benefits of shopping in a showroom with the convenience of online ordering and you've got one of the most innovative eyewear companies in the world.
Warby Parker Try On

Image courtesy of Warby Parker.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave ClubThe folks behind the Dollar Shave Club didn't like buying overpriced razors at the store and did something about it. For as little as $1 a month plus shipping and handling a customer will receive five razors per month. Sounds like a great deal for a product that 50 percent of the population likely uses regularly. But, what's even more impressive about this company is their marketing. In addition to clean, simple web design, the Dollar Shave Club has routinely made their customers laugh with creative, funny online videos that grab plenty of attention.
Are you a fan of any of the companies on the list? Who should have made the cut?

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