Facebook Partners With Shutterstock To Improve Ad Imagery

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Will Shutterstock be able to improve the Facebook advertising experience? Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Facebook LogoA good advertisement resonates with a consumer. It grabs and keeps customer attention through engaging storytelling, creativity, and relevance. Facebook noticed that much of its advertising content was falling short of those customer expectations and is taking steps to fix the problem. Where are they starting? Engaging imagery. Facebook recently announced a partnership with Shutterstock, an online stock image service, that will give advertisers the ability to use millions of commercially available images in their ads. The service will be included in the existing advertising fee and integrated in Facebook's ad creation tool. Facebook also announced that advertisers will be able to choose multiple photos from the Shutterstock library to test their effectiveness. The partnership should prove beneficial for most professional marketers and communicators, especially those with small budgets and limited access to visual content. Great care will still have to be taken when choosing the right imagery to accompany ads, but the improved access to professional photos should allow advertisers to explore more creative options.
Does your brand advertise on Facebook? Let us know what you think of the Shutterstock partnership below.

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