News Roundup: Millennials Get Frugal, YouTube Dumps Video Responses

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The Internet is rarely a quiet place, and this week has been no exception. To help you get all the news you need without searching far and wide, we thought we would bring the most interesting stories of the day together here.

New Research: Do Pictures Of People Increase Facebook Engagement?

Well, the short answer is a resounding "no." With some exceptions, the research conducted by Convince and Convert found that images without people showed 17 percent more engagement than those with people. However, there is still much more to take away from this article. For example, images with a bodypart, but no face, showed typically had higher engagement than those with a whole person.
Do Pictures Of People Help Facebook

Image courtesy of Convince and Convert.

College Millennials Get Frugal

In a world with challenging job markets and high student debt, college students have taken notice. According to an infographic by Fluent, college students are relying heavily on off-campus work while their bank accounts are becoming increasingly thin. About eight in ten students say that they are more cost-conscious than they were one year ago.
Millennials Becoming Frugal

Image courtesy of Fluent.

Google Dumps Video Responses From YouTube Due To Dismal .0004% Click-Through Rate

In an attempt to help videos benefit from search algorithms that feed off of written comments, YouTube is no longer allowing video response comments on its site. Also, only a fraction of a percent ever actually watched the responses in the first place.
YouTube Ends Video Comments

Image courtesy of TechCrunch.

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