Ideahaus Founder Kevin Popović discusses 20YEARS Communications on Social Media Today Radio

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Ideahaus Founder and CEO Kevin Popović joined Social Media Today Radio host Beverly Macy today to talk about his latest book,  20YEARS Communications.   A veteran of  communications with over 20 years of firsthand experience and insight, Popović helps businesses decide what to say and how to say it to their target markets, and now he is sharing this knowledge with everyone in 20YEARS Speaking with Macy, Popović discussed the evolution of communications over the past 20 years, detailing how changes in the field have affected businesses and consumers alike. Despite the mounting pressure to change the way we communicate, he noted, the basics of personal interaction are needed more than ever in this always-shifting landscape. "Just because there's technology in between you and that other person, why don't you still treat them like a person?" Popović said. "Why don't you focus on the relationship development that, particularly, more of the senior leaders are familiar with?" With 20YEARS Communications, Popović outlines what has happened, is happening, and will happen in communications, helping them devise strategies to stay afloat in a rapidly deepening pool of change.  

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