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Half of the challenge with creating a social media profile is knowing what you need and how big its supposed to be.

Once you get that down all you have to figure out is what to show and say. Every social media sites require a little bit of copy and a couple graphics to create a profile. Not to over-simplify creating a strategic social media profile, but sometimes you just need to get something online to move forward. This social media toolkit is provided to help our community get up-to-speed just a little bit faster. Based on the files we use to develop the social media profiles for Alliance Healthcare Foundation, these sample JPG and Adobe PhotoShop files are provided for your use. haus-button-download-now Click here to download a zip file including sample graphics (JPG / PSD) required for each social media profile (as of this posting), Visit each of these profiles to view the graphics in context to better design how to best present you, your business and your message. haus-buttons-join

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