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Leadership requires vision. Welcome to an exclusive program for executive communicators.

Are you feeling the squeeze? How do you meet your commitments to a growing list of new projects and critical goals, while your resource pool continues to shrink? C-Level access to Ideahaus resources – including a high-level strategic consulting session every month – gives you the competitive edge. Now you can have unlimited access to all the resources in the Ideahaus archives and our team of communications professionals for just $250 per month (billed quarterly). C-Level membership enables you to leverage the proven expertise of Ideahaus. You get immediate access to content, tools and templates that will save you time and money, and a sounding board of high-level peers who are fighting the same battles you are. You also eliminate your blind spots with a monthly strategic review of your communications plan with Communications Director Kevin Popovic. It’s all here. With Ideahaus on your side, you don't have to struggle alone. If you see the value, please join the Ideahaus Member Community at the C-level. We look forward to helping you achieve your organization’s goals faster – join us today!
“Kevin's leadership of his Ideahaus team and talent put him at the forefront of revitalizing and reshaping our brand into a cohesive and concise achievable strategy that still exists today. The culture within or organization improved tremendously and allowed everyone in our team to become disciples of the plan... Kevin has our thanks for all his great direction over the years. I would highly recommend Ideahaus for any business.” - Paul Mackay, CEO, Aussom Aussie Australian Barbecue Company

Basic Content

As a C-Level Member you’ll move forward faster, with premium access to all of the communications-focused content and resources we've been producing for more than 20 years. View / Download Articles -- Answers to your questions in every discipline of communications. Get the focused intelligence you need to perform at a higher level, achieve your goals and move your organization forward. View / Download PPT -- Structured presentations that give you the best practices knowledge you need, at a glance. These also serve as exemplary models for your own presentations. Listen to / Download Audio -- No time to read? No problem. Plug in and listen to our articles at your desk. Relax, save time and increase retention. It’s the smarter way to get smarter. Listen to / Download Podcasts – HausCalls™ is on the air, with in-depth explorations of critical topics in communications, with guests who really know the territory. Plug in and get up to date! View / Download Tools and Templates -- There’s no short-cut to success, but tools from Ideahaus will give you and your team a great starting point. Don't reinvent the wheel. These exercises and templates will help you get ahead faster.
“Kevin is a dynamic, engaging, incredibly knowledgeable consultant and speaker. He is arguably the "king of social media" and is extremely open to sharing his insight and perspective. As the creator of Satellite Marketing and a college professor AS WELL AS a marketing consultant, he is well positioned to redefine the future of marketing. I'd hire Ideahaus any chance I have.” - Adam Hanin, Vice President of Marketing for ViewSonic


This is where smarter communications professionals convene, confer and share conversation. Get answers, share your expertise and grow your network. The Ideahaus Member Directory -- The Ideahaus roster of innovative professional communicators is growing daily – and you belong on it. Browse, connect, add value and build your network. Community Conversations -- Post your comments, respond to others. Create the conversations you need to grow your knowledgebase, and be more productive. Community Rewards Program -- It pays to engage in the Ideahaus Community. See all the details about our Community Rewards Program here. The more you interact, the more rewards you earn.
“I’ve been an entrepreneur for 20 years, and I’ve engaged many consultants and coaches . . . but it wasn’t until I met Kevin Popovic that I found what I was looking for: a Corporate Muse. The man is mildly brilliant. His insights into business dynamics and sales are focused through his lens of communications skills and web-based technologies. My business has taken a quantum leap since I began working with Ideahaus. ~ Greg Godek, Speaker, Author of the Simple Simon series of business fables

Premium Content

As a C-Level Member, you have access to exclusive content tailored to your executive priorities. Professional and insightful yet practical and applicable. Review / Download Case Studies -- How did they do that – and how can we do that too? Our case studies chart a path to success. View / Download Reports Real expertise from the Ideahaus Faculty. Ground-breaking insights that will help you and your team perform better. Attend Webinars – When it’s time to drill down, Ideahaus delivers with our incisive, action-oriented webinars on critical communications topics. It's an easy way to provide compelling strategy, training and instruction to your entire team.
“Kevin has the power to transform a business. He "gets it" better than most and is able to use his talents to cater to almost any type of business. Whenever we had an executive level brainstorming session it was always about 2X more productive if Kevin was in the room. Just pick and place where you could use some improvement and set Kevin loose to watch what Ideahaus can do. You won't be disappointed.” - Jon Carder, CEO of MojoPages

Advanced Features

The real advantage of being a C-Level Member is in the extras. You get an agency level of service, complete with regular strategic consulting with a Communications Director - keeping you on track and out ahead of the competition. We also provide a social media dashboard to keep your messages on target and your goals on track. Communications Consulting -- A one-hour monthly strategic review of your communications plan with Communications Director Kevin Popovic discussing your communications plan and how to make sure it's advancing your business goals. Email support -- We're here for you. Drop us a line when you see an issue or a needed improvement in the Ideahaus Member Community. We'll address it and get back to you
“Kevin listens intently to the issues and problems and is able to not only find quality solutions but also puts his client in a special "future" positioning category. This ability to create in a rapidly changing marketplace exists because it is obvious at any meeting with Kevin that he never stops searching for what is "new" and what is impacting the marketing environment - he is involved! - Cynthia Reynolds, President of Pittsburgh Technical Institute

Strategy, innovation, experimentation — and a focus on what works. Ideahaus helps you take your communications program to the next level. Join us now as a C-Level Member!