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Communications has been turned inside out in the last 20 years. But if you’re a professional, you’re accustomed to the turbulence. You’ve learned that you have to embrace innovation or risk being irrelevant – which is not a win for you, your organization, or your clients. How do you innovate wisely and maintain your edge? You pay attention and stay well connected. Since 1990, Ideahaus has been delivering insights and practical advice to professional communicators who want a competitive edge. Now you can join this growing community of like-minded professionals for just $25 per month (billed quarterly). And at the Professional Level, you get full access to downloadable resources that will save you time and money. This is what LinkedIn groups were supposed to be – a place with a depth of practical knowledge; where you aren’t overwhelmed with irrelevant spam and constant sales pitches; and where you can connect with people who are facing (and conquering) the same challenges you are. People you know are already here. Won't you join us?  We look forward to helping you take your communications program to the next level.
“I have known Ideahaus for over ten years and my relationship with Communications Director Kevin Popovic has grown via numerous 'outside the box' conversations. I enjoy brainstorming with him when he is working on strategic consulting engagements for his clients. Kevin has assisted me in sales methodology workshops as a coach approaching communication strategically as a thought leader in the creative use of social media for sales and marketing.” - Mike Bosworth, Sales Legend / Author of Solution Selling, CustomerCentric Selling, Storyleaders

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As a Professional Level Member you’ll move forward faster, with downloadable access to all the resources that you can only view at the Social Level. What's so great about downloadable access? You can make it your own -- so you have proven tools at your access. Which means you get more done, faster. View / Download Articles -- Answers to your questions on every discipline of communications. Get the focused intelligence you need to perform at a higher level, achieve your goals and move forward. View / Download PPT -- Structured presentations that give you the best practices knowledge you need, at a glance. These also serve as exemplary models for your own presentations. Listen to / Download Audio -- No time to read? No problem. Plug in and listen to our articles at your desk. Relax, save time and increase retention. It’s the smarter way to get smarter. Listen to / Download Podcasts – HausCalls™ is on the air, with in-depth explorations of critical topics in communications, with guests who really know the territory. Plug in, listen and learn! View / Download Tools and Templates -- There’s no short-cut to success, but tools from Ideahaus will give you a great starting point. These exercises and templates will help you get ahead faster. Watch / Download Videos -- Value-packed seminars, workshops, interviews and presentations can be are viewed right from your desktop computer, or can be downloaded to your smart phone or other portable device. It’s easy to tune in, watch and learn. You’ll move your communications plan, your projects and your team forward, faster and more efficiently.
“I had the great pleasure of sharing the Social Media panel session with Kevin Popovic at the Chicago Sales 2.0 Conference. Before we even met at the event, Kevin engaged me in every possible medium and provided material he thought would help me prepare my demo. Watching him expertly deliver his material on stage to a rapt audience, I knew I was seeing a master in action. Kevin is one of those guys that can help companies rethink their traditional strategies and recognize the power of social media!” - Anneke Seeley, Speaker / Author of Sales 2.0: Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology


This is where smarter communications professionals convene, confer and share conversation. Get answers, share your expertise and grow your network. The Ideahaus Member Directory -- The Ideahaus roster of innovative professional communicators is growing daily – and you belong on it. Browse, connect, add value and build your network. Community Conversations -- Post your comments, respond to others. Create the conversations you need to grow your knowledgebase, and be more productive. Community Rewards Program -- It pays to engage in the Ideahaus Community. See all the details about our Community Rewards Program here. The more you interact, the more rewards you earn. Community Meeting / Archives - Ask questions, get practical, useful answers. You have access to our regularly scheduled live and archived Community discussions on today’s most critical communications topics. Crowd-sourcing works better when you’re part of the Ideahaus Member Community.
“Kevin delivered a dynamite presentation at our Sales 2.0 Conference in Chicago. While other speakers deliver a message, Kevin owns the stage. The audience of 230 senior sales leaders was mesmerized by his practical content, charismatic style and blown away by his passion for the subject. Kevin delivered actionable advice with high energy that earned him the top rating.” - Gerhard Gschwandtner, Owner of Selling Power Magazine

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As a Professional Level Member, you have access to exclusive content tailored to your executive priorities. Professional and insightful yet practical and applicable. Review / Download Case Studies -- How did they do that – and how can we do that too? Our case studies chart a path to success. View / Download Reports Real expertise from the Ideahaus Faculty. Ground-breaking insights that will help you and your team perform better. Attend Webinars – When it’s time to drill down, Ideahaus delivers with our incisive, action-oriented webinars on critical communications topics. It’s an easy way to provide compelling strategy, training and instruction to your entire team.
“I had the great honor to Chair the CBI Conference on Social Media and Kevin Popovic was one of the speakers. He was extremely impressive, passionate and very knowledgeable, and provided the attendees with tangible advice regarding how to execute a social media strategy in pharma--which is very challenging. Kevin's presentation style is easy to relate to. He can take a complex subject and explain it to the audience in a manner everyone can understand and embrace. Looking forward to tracking Kevin's contributions in the industry.” - Cynthia North, Consumer Marketing Director, Bayer HealthCare


You don’t rest and neither do we. Ideahaus is here to support your growth as a professional communicator. Email support -- We're here for you. Drop us a line when you see an issue or a needed improvement in the Ideahaus Member Community. We'll address it and get back to you 24/7 live online support -- You're never alone at Ideahaus. We're ready when you are, day or night. As a member of the Ideahaus Member Community, you have access to a real person who will address your concerns in real time.  

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